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Bluebird Creek Art and Design Studio was founded in 1975 in Santa Cruz, California, as a small, independent artisan pottery.spinner dolphins

Studio production has evolved along with the skills and interests of the artist, Mary Flodin. Today, Bluebird Creek Art and Design "BC²AD" is a multimedia studio.

"BC" refers to the use of earth media such as clay, one of the most ancient creative materials of our prehistoric ancestors."AD" is a reference to the studio's utilization of 21st Century digital tools.

Though still grounded in the potter's deep connection with the beauty and inspiration of Mother Earth and the natural world, and in a potter's commitment to the values of quality craftsmanship, integrity and attention to detail, the focus of Bluebird Creek's work has expanded to include utilization of 21st Century digital tools, and design and development in the arts, education, sustainable living, the web, and projects which benefit the local and global community.

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