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Bluebird Creek has recently completed a DVD which documents the creation of a master work by William Shipley and Daniel Stolpe. book coverShipley, a University of California linguist, rescued the California Maidu language from extinction in the early 20th Century. Shipley and Stolpe created a four volume, hand-bound limited edition bilingual translation of Maidu creation myths, illustrated by Stolpe in one-of-a-kind prints. See the Native Images Gallery website for more information on this culturally important and fascinating project. Our video documents the print making process and features interviews and bilingual readings by Shipley. We are very honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Other BC/AD New Media projects in progress include several other films, blogs, and podcasts, as well as an animated "Flash" poetry project. Stay tuned.

What is "New Media"? Certainly, it is a broad term whose definition might be pursued in a doctoral thesis on the history of culture; "New Media" is a term currently in flux. But it seems appropriate to turn for elucidation to a very icon of the "New Media", to the grandfather of the "web 2.0" Wikis, the Wikipedia itself for an explanation.