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designerMary Flodin holds a Master of Arts Degree in Instructional Technology from California State University, San Jose. She has completed numerous IT projects, including course development, web design, instructional video production, and multimedia CD ROM production. She has designed and maintained two public elementary school web sites. Ms. Flodin was also a contributor on an academic web site design team for Stanford University, and a library web site design team for San Jose State University. She served on a video production team for the Tech Museum in San Jose. She is currently the web developer for Sky Power, a non-profit educational institute.

During 25 years as a classroom teacher, she performed a leadership role in educational technology development and implementation at the district and county level. She designed and taught numerous technology training courses for faculty. She wrote and was awarded grants totaling more than $35,000 to establish WAN and LAN internet connectivity and develop technology and literacy. She taught students and faculty web-based science curricula, Beta-testing multimedia curricula for NASA and MBARI. In addition, she helped to initiate a region-wide web-based water quality monitoring data base project under the auspices of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

A highly motivated, well organized creative, trained in collaborative, peer coaching and cooperative management working style, Ms. Flodin has designed and implemented Instructional Designs using both the KEMP and the ADDIE models.

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